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C. Possible or actual signs and symptoms of impending labor:  
1) Sudden burst of energy very soon before actual labor begins (nesting instinct)

2) Lightening: the feeling that the baby has dropped lower in abdomen

3) Discharge of pinkish mucous plug or unusual vaginal discharge

4) Rupture of amniotic membrane (water breaks as a trickle or gush): Note color and any odor of amniotic fluid if not in hospital. If you even suspect your water has broken, go to the hospital.

5) Abdominal cramping, vaginal, thigh, or back pain or pressure

6) Regular contractions with or without pain over more than 1 hour

(a) Contractions: Monitor for length, regularity, and duration. Monitor by feeling abdomen with fingertips, feeling for tightening and loosening.   (b) Timing contraction interval: Time from beginning of one contraction to the beginning of another contraction   (c) Timing contraction duration: Time from beginning of contraction to end of contraction
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