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Peer Reviews Performed By:
Members of The Professional Advisory Committees of Family Help, Inc. (1985-1990), andlor
Members of The Professional Advisory Committees of Citadel MCH Services, Inc. (1991-1995):

Ronald Bolognese, MD
Judy Bernbaum, MD .
Evelyn Bouden, MD
Roberta Capewell, RN, MSN, PNP
Julia Clarke, RN, CNM, MSN
Jane Eleey, MSW
Jeffrey Gerdes, MD
Page Talbott Gould, PhD
Howard Grant, MD, JD
Robert Holmes, MD
Susan Hutchinson, RNC, MSN
Mark A. Kalchbrenner, DO
Rich Kaplan, MD
June Kinney, PhD
Rose Kinney, RN, BSN
Judith McCoyd, ACSW, LSW
Carol L. Natter, PT
Lucille Pema, RN, BSN Albert Pizzica, DO
Barbara Ritchey, ACSW, LSW
Jeffrey Rothirtan, EdD:, PT
Barbara Schraeder, RN, PhD
Robert Stavis, PhD, MD
Patricia Thiebault, RD
Barbara Wesley, MD, MPH
Robert S. Wimmer, MD 
Mary Wright, MOT
Susan Yates, CNM, MSN

Members of the staff at Citadel MCH Services. Including:

Sonya Newell Wilson, RN 
Kathleen Whalen, RN 
Jacqueline Williams, RN, BSN 
Vicki Newell 
Carol Hallenback, RN, BSN 
Judy Podosky, RNC 
Ann Galanter, RN, BS 
Norma Cintron, RN

Member of the staff at Family Help, Inc. 

Ellen Craighead, RN, BSN
Marilyn Kerr, RN, BSN
Bonnie Charleston
Anne Ravdin, RN, BSN
Ann Galanter, RN, BSN
Joanne Fischer, MSW
Laurie Reardon, RN, BSN
Barbara Tinus, RN, BSN
Gail Pierson, RN, PNP
Barbara Krinsky, RN, BSN
Millie Boettcher, RN, MSN
Patricia Larsen, RN, MSN, CNM
Debbie Westcott, RN, BSN
Judy Woomer, CHHA

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