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22. The procedure for application of the warm water bottle
       and warm compress.

a. Method of applying warm water bottle

1) Ask your physician / practitioner before action.
2) Assemble the equipment.
(a) Warm water bottle (may be disposable).

(b) Pitcher of water at 102' F

(c) Flannel or towel cover for water bottle.
3) Wash your hands.
4) Prepare yourself mentally for the application.
5) Water in the pitcher should be 102o F. Check the temperature with a bath thermometer or your elbow.   6) Fill the warm water bottle half full of water.
7) There are two methods for squeezing air out of the bottle.
(a) Place the bag on the edge of a counter. Have the part of the bag containing the water hanging down. Place the part of the bag without the water lying on the countertop. Put your hand on top of the bag at the edge of the counter. Move your hand slowly toward the opening of the bag, pressing out the air. With the other hand, close the bag.   (b) Place the warm water bottle in a horizontal position on a flat surface. Hold the neck of the warm water bottle upright until you can see water in the neck of the bottle. (The water squeezes out the air.)
8) Fasten the top tightly.
9) Dry the warm water bottle. Check for leaks by turning it upside down.
10) Place the warm water bottle in the flannel cover or wrap it in the towel.
11) Apply it gently to the proper body area.
12) Never place the warm water bottle on top of a painful area. The weight will increase the pain. Place it on the side.   13) Check the skin in 10 to 15 minutes to be sure temperature is correct and there is no evidence of burning.   14) Check the warm water bottle every hour to be sure the temperature is correct. Change the water in the bottle when necessary to continue treatment at the same temperature.

15) Check the skin under the warm water bottle every hour. If the skin is red, remove the water bottle and report to your healthcare provider.

16) Clean standard equipment and put it in its proper place. Discard disposable equipment.

17) Make yourself comfortable.

18) Wash your hands.
19) Remove the bottle if the skin appears too red or you feel the bottle is "too warm."

20) Report to your healthcare provider observations of anything unusual. 

b. Method of applying wet warm compress 1) Follow the general procedures for applying a warm water bottle, but equipment will include the following items instead of those for a warm water bottle.   (a) Towel-type material large enough to cover the area (peripads may be used for small areas)   (b) Some kind of clean plastic to place over the compress for heat retention
2) Dip the towel material into tested warm water and wring out well.   3) Cover the area with the warm towel and completely cover the compress with plastic.  
4) Check the skin after 10 to 15 minutes for temperature. 5) Remove the compress if the skin appears too red or the mother complains that it is "too warm."
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