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. . Safety Precautions

1. The Elements of Practicing Electrical Safety

a. Do not place electrical cords where they will be tripped over or get excessive wear (under rugs, through doorways, etc.).

b. Keep electrical cords away from heat and water.

c. Do not pull the cord to disconnect; rather, pull the plug itself. Avoid kinking, twisting, binding, or crushing eletrical cords.

d. Inspect cords for wear, especially at connections; do not use a cord that has a break exposing wires.

e. Never turn on an appliance when standing on a wet floor, and do not put any electrical parts in water.

f. Do not touch plumbing or a metal object and an appliance at the same time.

g. Follow manufacturers' instructions for operation and care.

h. Disconnect any appliance that sparks or stalls.

i. Keep combustible materials (clothing, curtains, paper, etc.) away from lamps or heating devices.

j. Always disconnect appliances before cleaning.

k. Never touch broken outside wires. Call police and electric company. Warn others to keep away.

l. Never "play" electrician.


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