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Safety Precautions
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7. Actions That Will Prevent Injury Resulting from Moving Things

a. Lifting

1) Look at the item to be moved. Make sure it is not too bulky or heavy.

2) Stand close to the object and spread feet apart for balance. Make sure your footing feels secure.

3) Bend your knees and keep your back straight.

4) Grasp the object with a good grip and keep it close to your body.

5) Lift slowly, using thigh and calf muscles. Keep your back straight and avoid quick motions.

b. Carrying
1) Keep the object close to your body.

2) Hold it securely with both hands.

3) Avoid twisting your body; change direction by moving your feet.

4) Do not change your handgrip while carrying; place the item back down and start again if your grip is failing.

5) Face the spot where you are putting the item down.

c. Pushing and pulling
1) Get a good grip on the object to be moved.

2) Keep your back straight.

3) Brace your feet and use your thigh and calf muscles.

4) Bend your knees for best use of body weight.

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